Why Should I Volunteer?

By: Todd Bradford — MotorPatrol/Bike Champion
“Why should I do it?” That question usually comes up sooner or later when someone considers volunteering for an event or function. So when we ask people to volunteer to be a part of the GR Tri, it is natural to expect that same question.
Why would I agree to go and give of my time and energy on a Sunday morning in June? Do I really want to stand on a corner of some country road in the hot sun while spandex-clad athletes rocket past me on their fancy bikes? In today’s society that often focuses on “what’s in it for me?” simply saying “because it’s… fun!” doesn’t seem to cut it.

GR Tri 2011 Volunteers

So let me offer you a few really good reasons why you should volunteer to be a part of the Grand Rapids
  • Be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. It is an amazing thing to play a small role in a large event and to be a part of making it happen.
  • Gain skills that will help you in life, now or in the future.
  • Make new friends and meet some great people that you may not have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem. What could be more confidence building than having an athlete rely on you for direction or even just a bottle of water?
  • Relieve stress and fight boredom. What else are you going to do on a Sunday morning? Sit home and watch infomercials? (OK, you can go to church, but that’s beside the point).
  • Make connections that may lead to future opportunities. You never know who you might rub elbows with. More and more, jobs and careers are found through networking.
  • You will be inspired. Whether you want to be or not, watching the athletes push themselves to compete and accomplish what they have trained so hard for will inspire you.
  • We need you! Running an event of this magnitude and that covers this many miles simply would not be possible without an army of volunteers. Every role and position is crucial, no matter how big or small.
  • The competitors need you! Whether it is receiving their information packet for race day, getting directions on the race course or having a cold drink of water and a snack at the end of the race, the racers need your help. Not to mention, they would love to hear, “great job, you did it,” from one more person.
  • Be different. Like I mentioned earlier, too many people today ask first, “What’s in it for me?”
  • Come and be a part of something that is outside of yourself and outside the norm. You will exhibit a lot of character and be a bigger person for it.
This is a great event for our community. Being a part of it and having a hand in making this a successful
triathlon, I promise, will give you a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Won’t you come and join
And you know what? It really is a whole lot of fun!
Grand Rapids Triathlon

Grand Rapids Triathlon

We are the largest independent triathlon and proud host of five USAT National Championships over the course of our nine-year history. While our event brings in some of the best athletes from across the country, we have also been named one of the Top 5 Best Triathlons for Beginners in the country according to Triathlon Business International. This triathlon event is a chance for athletes of all skill levels to compete on a scenic riverside course, perfect for the novice through the seasoned triathlete. Offering Sprint, Olympic, and Half distance Triathlons, Aquabike, Swim and Relay events, this USA Triathlon sanctioned event promises heart-pounding excitement from start to the finish.