Clinics For Triathletes

All clinics listed below are free. You do not need to be registered for the Grand Rapids Triathlon. These clinics will be presented through and partnership between Athletic Mentors and Grand Rapids Triathlon. Format, dates and times to be announced soon.

Triathlon 101 – Part A

Great for Beginner Triathletes

For athletes new to the sport or considering getting into triathlon. Equipment, training and racing tips, nutrition, transitions and USAT rules.

Swim Technique & Training

Open to all levels, but geared toward athletes looking to step beyond beginner. Swim stroke technique discussions and training recommendations.

Triathlon 101 – Part B-“How to Train for TRI”

Open to all levels, but geared toward athletes who would like to learn how to train more efficiently and productively.  Topics such as how to train with heart rate zones, proper taper for your event, improving your metabolic efficiency, strength training and much more.  This is a must attend for any triathlete with a goal to improve their performance this year.

Nutrition for Tri

Learn a nutrition strategy that will reduce your risk of bonking or GI distress during your event.  Appropriate for all levels but key to success for longer distance triathletes. This strategy will not only improve performance but also general health.

Race Day Clinic

Get all your questions answered for race day. For all participants of the Grand Rapids Triathlon. What to expect on race day, course details, logistics, where to park, transition location, wave start times, spectator info & more.

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