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Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon

Grand Rapids Virtual Tri

Offering Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic and Half distances for triathlon and aquabike events.

For those athletes that are unable to race in-person with us, we are pleased to offer a NEW virtual option  that runs the entire month of June: Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon. You pick the distance, the venue and when you are going to do your event. This is an untimed, “on your own” effort.

What does Virtual cost?

To participate, each distance is a flat fee of $55.

What do you get for each distance?

Each participant will receive a race shirt, medal and custom GR Tri water bottle by The Water Bottle Project.

How do I sign up?

Simple click the registration links on our website to register through Run Sign-up.

Virtual Distances

Super Sprint Events

Triathlon – 300 (meter) Swim, 6.2 (mile) Bike, 1.55 (mile) Run
Relay – 300 (meter) Swim, 6.2 (mile) Bike, 1.55 (mile) Run
Aquabike – 300 (meter) Swim, 6.2 (mile) Bike

Sprint Events

Triathlon – 600 (meter) Swim, 12.4 (mile) Bike, 3.1 (mile) Run
Relay – 600 (meter) Swim, 12.4 (mile) Bike, 1.5 (mile) Run
Aquabike – 600 (meter) Swim, 12.4 (mile) Bike

Olympic Events

Triathlon – 1500 (meter) Swim, 24.8 (mile) Bike, 6.2 (mile) Run
Relay –1500 (meter) Swim, 24.8 (mile) Bike, 6.2 (mile) Run
Aquabike – 1500 (meter) Swim, 24.8 (mile) Bike

Half Events

Triathlon – 1.2 (mile) Swim, 56 (mile) Bike, 13.1 (mile) Run
Relay – 1.2 (mile) Swim, 56 (mile) Bike, 13.1 (mile) Run
Aquabike – 1.2 (mile) Swim, 56 (mile) Bike

For more information about the Grand Rapids Triathlon please contact us here.