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Meet the hardworking people behind Grand Rapids Triathlon and the ones who make race day happen year after year. As we prepare for the debut (and hopefully last) edition of the Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon 9.5 this June, we celebrate the people who volunteer their time and have made GR Tri one of the best triathlons in the state…. or we like to think in the world!
Name: Jane Garrett
Age:  48
Hometown:  Hudsonville
Occupation:  Teacher
Champion Position:  Transition Security
How did you get involved with Grand Rapids Triathlon?
I got involved through racing and then when the position opened up I asked Lori if I could do it.
Have you ever raced Grand Rapids Triathlon?
I competed in the Half-Distance, 70.3 the first two years and also the Olympic Distance numerous times and various relays.  Every year I have raced until I became a Champion.
What is your favorite memory of Grand Rapids Triathlon?
My favorite memory was when I finished the 70.3 the first year of the race in 2012. Also
Any race mishaps over the years you like to laugh at now?
The second year of the race at mile 10 on the run I had to puke for 20 minutes but I still finished!
What do you love about triathlon?
The community and meeting people.
What is your favorite thing about Grand Rapids Triathlon?
I love watching the last racers finish!
Do you have a perfect post-race meal?
Nothing!  I can’t eat after a race.
Why should someone still race the Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon 9.5?
You can use it as a motivation for next year and continue to get outside and be healthy!