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Roses are red. Violets are blue. I would swim, bike and run all day to get to you!

We love hearing how triathlon has brought many couples together whether it is racing together, training together or just cheering each other on.

Here are a few triathlon love stories from some GRTri participants and how they share the love of the sport and how it is a support in their relationship.

Lori and Bill 

We got involved in triathlon long after we met, but it’s been a big part of our relationship the last 10 years either working, volunteering, timing or training together. Triathlon events seem to be a big way we spend time together, supporting one another.

Mike and Kara

My wife and I met through a mutual friend. I was running 10-15 miles on Saturday long runs and she was running shorter distances, but wanted to up her mileage. We started running together as friends. These runs continued through some big changes in our lives that led to becoming each other’s person. Somewhere along the way I fell for her and eventually she fell back. We have been together now for four years and we do nearly everything fitness related together – running, biking, swimming, spin classes, body pump classes, etc. In 2020, we did the virtual Grand Rapids Triathlon together and in 2021, we got to do our first in-person triathlon together at GRTri. We held hands going into the water and also as we crossed the finish line. She is my better half and I’m her biggest fan. 

P.S. Also XOXOXO out to all of our Trilander friends. Triathlon has some of the best people.

Tony and Di  

We did our very first triathlon at GRTri in its inaugural year and after we were hooked! We have done hundreds of races together since from 5k’s to ultra-distance triathlons. We train, race and belong to a Tri team together. It’s brought us so much joy in lifting each other up, holding each other accountable, wiping away tears through the pain and so much more.

Tina and Jim

My husband and I met through our local running and triathlon club Team Playmakers back in 2011. We knew of each other but didn’t really talk to each other until February/March of 2012.  Little did we know that in October of 2011, we both did the same triathlon (my first) at MSU and were only minutes from each other’s finish times.

In March of 2012, I was training for my first marathon with our training group to do my long run. Jim came up to me and asked if I wanted someone to run with that day so he joined me.  We spent the whole time talking and he even convinced me into doing a few more miles. After that we went on our first date in March and the rest is history. In September 2014 he proposed to me halfway through the Capital City half marathon at the Sparty statue and in August of 2015, we got married with many of our triathlon and running friends in attendance. We even had the Playmakers race clock and finish flags there! For our one-year anniversary we did a half-distance triathlon together finishing hand-in-hand and have done many other races together such as Grand Rapids Triathlon and Michigan Titanium, many times.

It sure makes doing triathlons, especially bigger events, more fun when you have a spouse to train with and who understands the demands it can take on daily life.  We inspire and motivate each other to “train for life” and to stay active.

Holly and Tim

I met Tim years ago when a mutual friend had an annual October pig roast. I was recently divorced and remember him riding up on his motorcycle with his son and thinking he was really good looking. However, I was too nervous to talk to him then. Over the next few years I would see him at Little League games or at our children’s high school events, but I was always too chicken to approach him.

I started to train for my first half marathon and was suffering a hip injury so I started to ride my bike 1-2 days a week to take a day off from jogging. A friend of mine suggested that I learn how to swim and do a triathlon. She invited me to a meeting for a local training team, called the Trikats and to my surprise, Tim was there! I finally decided to stop being so chicken and approached him to chat. After seeing each other at a Christmas party and messaging on Facebook, we finally met up for a run and I admitted to my 15+ year crush on him. We have been together ever since – just celebrated two years together.  

We have not had an opportunity to complete a triathlon together yet, but we plan to this year.  

But, had it not been for triathlon and the TriKats we might not have ran into each other. He is my biggest cheerleader and I am his. I am signed up for Grand Rapids Triathlon this year and am contemplating doing the Michigan Titanium half-distance aquabike. I look forward to many years racing together and supporting each other as we both reach our goals.