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2021 Race Changes FAQ

Why change from one day to the two-day format?

Grand Rapids Triathlon is the largest independent triathlon in Michigan and one of the larger ones in the country. While we are hopeful for the 2021 race season, it is likely that we will still be seeing social distancing and other aspects if the “new normal” due to COVID-19.  By taking our event and splitting it into two days, we are able to spread our athletes out over two days as well. This makes for a safer and less congested event in 2021.

Doesn't moving transition all the way to Ada Park make the run from the swim extremely long?

At first glance, this change seems to make for a very long run from the swim to transition. However, we added just 100 feet to the total distance if you consider that prior to 2021, you had to go all the way through the old transition WITH your bike before you got to the bike mount line. This was often done slowly as transition could easily bottle neck.

By moving transition to the park, you will now be able to travel the same distance much faster and then get through the new transition faster with the dedicated run in/out and bike in/out points.

How far is a Super Sprint?

The Super Sprint is the shortest triathlon distance and a great entry point to triathlon, giving you the chance to experience the three disciplines together without having to put in hours of training.

It consists of a 300m swim, 6.2 mile bike and a 2.5k run. Check out our Saturday course maps page for detailed information.

What is the virtual event?

This is an “on your own” effort for athletes who can not attend the 2021 Grand Rapids Triathlon. It can be done the entire month of June on a course of your choosing. Unlike our 2020 “Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon 9.5” event, this will not be timed and there are no awards.

Athletes who opt to go this route will receive a shirt, medal, and water bottle included in the price of their registration ($55 flat fee for whatever standard distance you choose to complete).

What about the Double Down Challenge?

There will be no double down medal (for completing Grand Rapids Triathlon as well as Michigan Titanium) this year given the potential for limited registrations.

Can I compete both days?

If you want to challenge yourself, you can sign-up for one of our Saturday events and then sign-up for one of our longer Sunday events but registering for each day separately. There are no discounts for competing both days.

For more information about the Grand Rapids Triathlon please contact us here.