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NEW Transition & Finish Line to Aid With Social Distancing

By December 17, 2020December 21st, 2020No Comments

Grand Rapids Triathlon is known for its unique transition area. Since 2012, our transition area has been on a closed section of Buttrick Avenue comprising almost 1/3 of a mile. You would enter/exit from either end depending on what portion of the race you were at. In 2019, our transition area housed almost 1,900 athletes and bikes extending all the way to Ada Park.

Due to the pandemic of 2020, the race directors have had to reevaluate the logistics and safety of the Buttrick Avenue transition. It was very quickly determined that with social distancing and new safety protocols, a change was needed. After a thorough evaluation of the race site and surrounding area and numerous meetings with Ada & Cascade Townships, it was decided that the new transition area would be at the soccer fields on the corner of Buttrick Avenue and Grand River Drive.

This new transition allows for almost double the space and is able to have separate bike in and out as well as run in (from the swim) and run out points. There will be no more bottle necks allowing athletes faster times through transition.

In addition, the Grand Rapids Triathlon finish line will also move towards the park on Buttrick Avenue. For those familiar with our old transition, the finish line will be located by where the old transition ended, just north of the Ada Park entrance. This change will make for a beautiful tree-lined finish. Our post-race area will be in Ada Park allowing athletes shade and easy access to their equipment in the new transition area.

Please see the maps below.