Meet the hardworking people behind Grand Rapids Triathlon and the ones who make race day happen year after year. As we prepare for the debut (and hopefully last) edition of the Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon 9.5 this June, we celebrate the people who volunteer their time and have made GR Tri one of the best triathlons in the state…. or we like to think in the world!
Name: Bill Ott
Age: 47
Hometown: Union, Mich.
Occupation: Information Systems Manager
Champion Position during race: Changes and Late Registration
How you got involved with the GR Tri:
My wife Lori got me involved.
Have you ever raced the event?
I’ve done the Sprint, Half, and the Half-Relay – My first GR Tri was my second triathlon (sprint), after not enjoying my first. I had a much better experience and started enjoying tri’s after.
Do you have a favorite memory at the event?
Crossing the finish after my half, with Lori by my side.
Any race mishaps over the years you like to laugh at now?
Not so much at GR.  …MiTi on the other hand!
What do you love about triathlon?
The first timers at a distance with great support from family/friends. There’s nothing like seeing the emotion with that accomplishment.
What is your favorite thing about the GR Tri event?
That time after the first wave goes off. There are a few moments of calm after all the work and planning.
Your perfect post-race meal?
Everything …and a beer.
Why should someone still do the Grand Rapids Virtual Triathlon 9.5?
After everyone being a shut-in, in early June the weather will be perfect and everyone will be so ready to get out and go after events. Joining the excitement and hearing Larry Crabbe (virtually) announce your finish will be an experience unique to the GRTri.