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Good Form Running – It’s Good For You

Place your feet about a hip’s width apart, bend your knees slightly, and reach your arms up to the sky. Take a deep breath, lower your arms and take a moment to notice how you stand just a bit taller; you have shaken the world off your shoulders and reset your posture. Doesn’t it feel good?

That was just the beginning of our Good Form Running Clinic at Striders, Monday night. I will admit I walked in a little skeptical. I have run for years and thought I had pretty much heard it all, what more could I learn? The answer is A LOT!

Ben and Liz, our friendly Good Form Running informants, took us through the importance of good posture, mid-foot, cadence, lean and other tips for running injury free. They taped us running and played it back for us to see in slow motion. The slow motion allowed for them to break down our strides and tell each of us what we were doing right and wrong. They gave tips to each of the clinic participants on stride adjustments that will help them to run faster and to be more efficient. I was surprised to discover, my stride wasn’t as perfect as I had thought.

No matter if you are a novice runner or an expert runner, if you haven’t attended a Good Form Running Clinic, you need to. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who is looking to improve their running. It lasts for a little over an hour and it is free! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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Grand Rapids Triathlon

Grand Rapids Triathlon

We are the largest independent triathlon and proud host of five USAT National Championships over the course of our ten-year history. While our event brings in some of the best athletes from across the country, we have also been named one of the Top 5 Best Triathlons for Beginners in the country according to Triathlon Business International. This triathlon event is a chance for athletes of all skill levels to compete on a scenic riverside course, perfect for the novice through the seasoned triathlete. Offering Sprint, Olympic, and Half distance Triathlons, Aquabike, Swim and Relay events, this USA Triathlon sanctioned event promises heart-pounding excitement from start to the finish.