Race Day

Race Day Outline

Sunday, June 14, 2020

  • 4:00 am – Road Closed for Transition
  • 5:15-6:45 am – Transition Area Opens
  • 6:00-6:30 am – Pre-race Swim
  • 6:45 am – Half Distance Transition Closes
  • 6:45 am – Course Meeting
  • 7:30 am – Sprint & Olympic Transition Closes
  • 10:00 am – Transition Opens for Athletes to Remove Gear

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have all your gear in transition by the 7 AM race start time. Athletes will not be able to place items in transition after the race has started so as to avoid interfering with athletes while they are competing.

PLEASE NOTE: For Swim Waves, each swim wave will receive a different cap color. Waves will be based on distance, sex and age. Swim wave start times will be posted at packet pickup.

REMEMBER: Your age is race age (as of 12/31/2020) not your age today!

Race Start Times/Swim Waves


Wave 1 – 7:00 – Red – Men age 39 & under, ALL Clydesdales ALL Aquabikes, ALL Relays
Wave 2 – 7:05 – Gold – Men age 40 & over (NO Clydesdales/Aquabikes/Relays)
Wave 3 – 7:10 – Purple – All Women/Athenas (NO Aquabikes/Relays)


Wave 4 – 7:30 – Fluorescent Green – Chariots
Wave 5 – 7:45 – White – Men age 34 & under, ALL Clydesdales, ALL Aquabikes, ALL Relays
Wave 6 – 7:50 – Silver – Men age 35 & over (NO Clydesdales/Aquabikes/Relays)
Wave 7 – 7:55 – Light Pink – All Women/Athenas (NO Aquabikes/Relays)
Wave 8 – 8:00 – Fluorescent Orange – Newbie wave (men & women)


Wave 9 – 8:15 – Light Blue – Men age 39 & under, ALL Clydesdales, ALL Aquabike, ALL Relays, ALL MECTC
Wave 10 – 8:20 – Orange – Men age 40 & over (NO Clydesdales/Aquabikes/Relays)
Wave 11 – 8:25 – Fluorescent Yellow – All Women/Athenas (NO Aquabikes/Relays)

PLEASE NOTE: Wave times are preliminary and may vary based on the number of participants registered for each race distance.  

Half Distance Cutoff Times

  • 9:15 am – Swim
  • 12:15 pm – Bike
  • 3:15 pm – Run
  • 6:00 pm – Roads Open

PLEASE NOTE: By registering for this event you agree to adhere to the cutoff times. Due to roads being re-opened all athletes must be removed from the course at 3:15 pm. By choosing to participate in this event, you agree to be removed from the course at the designated times if necessary.

Shuttles will be running all day – it is recommended you have someone drop you off at the athletic drop off area (see map above), then have them park and take a trolley to the race site.


Weather Cancellation Policy

While we will make every effort to start and continue our event on race day at the scheduled time, weather is unpredictable. The decision to delay or cancel an event is not made solely bythe race directors. It is made in conjunction with Sheriff, Medical and local meteorologists

For information on what will happen in the event of inclement weather, please review our Weather Policy (PDF).

We Are A USAT TalentID Series Race

We are excited to announce:
The GR Tri has been chosen by the USAT as the only Triathlon in Michigan to screen for young Olympians.

What does that mean?
If you are between the ages of 15 – 19 (age as of December 31st of the current year) and participate in our Sprint event, you could be chosen to be groomed for the next USA Olympic Team!

What do you do next?
Register for the Sprint event, by clicking the Register Button on the homepage. Ages 15-19 who register will automatically be included in the reporting for Talent ID.

For more information about the Grand Rapids Triathlon please contact us here.